Windows ME

Double-click My Computer.

Double-click Control Panel. (You can also get into the Control Panel by clicking Start -> Settings -> Control Panel)

Double-click Dial-Up Networking.

Double-click Make New Connection.

In the Make New Connection wizard, name the connection VyaNet. Click Next.

Leave the Area code: field blank, and fill in the Telephone number: field with the correct number (Eugene's is 246-1245). Click Next.

Click Finish at the bottom of the next window.

You should see a new VyaNet icon in Dial-Up Networking

Right-click the newly created VyaNet icon. Select Create Shortcut from the menu. A window will pop up saying "Windows cannot create a shortcut here. Would you like to place the shortcut on the desktop instead?" Select Yes.

Right-click the VyaNet icon again. Select Properties.

Under United States of America, find the option Use area code and dialing properties. Make sure that it's turned off.

Click on the Networking tab at the top of the window. All options should be correct by default:

TCP/IP settings will be correct by default.

Click the Dialing tab at the top right of the window:

This is the default Internet connection can be checked or unchecked as you desire. If you want it checked, we recommend that you select Never dial a connection or Dial whenever a network connection is not present. Setting it on Always dial my default connection can sometimes cause programs to try connecting when a connection is already present.

Enable idle disconnect and Disconnect when connection may not be needed should not be checked unless you want them checked and understand that this may increase the chances of you experiencing frequent disconnects.

Click OK.

Close the Dial-Up Networking window, and close any other windows that are open.