Windows 95/98

Double-click My Computer.

Double-click Dial-Up Networking.

Double-click Make New Connection.

In the Make New Connection wizard, name the connection VyaNet. Click Next.

Leave the Area code: field blank, and fill in the Telephone number: field with the correct number (Eugene's is 246-1245). Click Next.

Click Finish at the bottom of the next window.

Right-click the newly created VyaNet icon. Select Create Shortcut from the menu. A window will pop up saying "Windows cannot create a shortcut here. Would you like to place the shortcut on the desktop instead?" Select Yes.

Right-click the VyaNet icon again. Select Properties.

Under United States of America, find the option Use country code and area code, or Use area code and dialing properties. Make sure that it's turned off.

Windows 95b/98
Windows 95a

Windows 95b/98: Click on the Server Types tab at the top of the window.

Windows 95a: You can tell a Windows 95a machine by the fact that they'll only have a General tab at the top of their VyaNet Properties window. Instead of a tab, there will be a Server Type button they need to click on near the bottom of the window. Windows 95a requires an additional setup procedure, so after you finish setting up Dial-Up Networking, be sure to follow the link immediately after the instructions.

Type of dial-up server will be correct by default.

Under Advanced options, the only thing that should be checked is Enable software compression.

Under Allowed network protocols, the only thing that should be checked is TCP/IP.

TCP/IP settings will be correct by default.

Click OK at each window until you are back at the Dial-Up Networking window.

Close the Dial-Up Networking window, and close any other windows that are open.

Connecting to VyaNet

To connect to VyaNet, double-click the Shortcut to VyaNet icon on your desktop. This will open a Connect To window. You should enter your user name and password in the appropriate fields, and click the connect button near the bottom of the window. Your modem will dial the connection, and Windows will connect you to VyaNet.

After the connection is established, you can open your web browser or email program to access the Internet.

While your computer is connected, you'll see a small icon that looks like two computers connected by a wire in the System Tray (usually in the lower right-hand corner of the screen).

To disconnect, double-click this icon, and click the Disconnect button when the status window pops up.

Some programs, especially Internet Explorer and Outlook Express, include autodial functions that automatically dial when a program requires an Internet connection. While this function saves a bit of time, it takes away some of the control that can help you to troubleshoot later on, and we prefer to use the shortcut method.