Viruses have become a regular part of having an Internet connection. It is important to have a virus protection plan. Some ISPs, like us,scan your email for viruses before you received it. It is still imortant to have virus software and keep it's virus library, also called definitions, up to date. We recommend daily or weekly updates and our prefered software is Norton Antivirus by Symantec because of it's reliability, ease of use, and ease of update. Link to Software

In addition to viruses, spyware has become a big problem. We recommend installing and running Adaware 6.0 or later to clean spyware 'pop up' software from your computer. Link to Software

One of the things that can slow down your computer are applications that start up when you boot up your computer. Check the start up folder in Windows found at Start > All Programs > Startup. Remove anything that is not essential to your system operation. Another place to look is in the Msconfig options. with a little research on you should be able to sort out what every application is so you can eliminatethe ones you don't need. Start > Run > msconfig > OK then select the Start Up tab. Reseach everything on the list and uncheck anythiing that is not necessary. This task needs to be done periodically.